Remember when Baby Showers used to be a lot simpler? Back when a group of women would sit in a circle, tie balloons to the new mom’s chair for decoration, and watch as she opened up a pile of presents? We’d eat cake, guess which melted chocolate bar had been smeared inside the diaper, and go home with a couple clothespins clipped to our sweater.

But thanks to the wonderful and all too time consuming invention of Pinterest, things have changed. Now a days, even the once-a-year party planner is expected to channel her inner Martha Stewart, and quite frankly, it’s all a little daunting to live up to.

When it came time to organizing a Baby Shower for my marvelous friend April, I struggled to come up with a simple to execute, budget-friendly theme. So I decided to go back to the basics: a good ole’ “Baby” themed Baby Shower. (The fact that we knew her little one is a boy helped to refine the colour scheme a bit.)

And I have to say that I love the way this party came together. Cute. Simple. Budget-friendly. What’s not to love?



I love this onesie bunting.

Actually, I just love bunting in general. It’s easy to make, relatively low cost, and fills up a lot of space in the room (aka. the perfect decorating tool.) A quick Google search led me to this great onesie template at, which I then proceeded to use as the unifying theme for my Baby Boy Shower.


Diaper cakes sometimes get a bit of a bad rap, but no one said that they have to be tacky. With the right supplies, they can be a great way to “beautify” an otherwise boring necessity for new moms. Doubling as a much needed gift and a fun centerpiece, this is perfect for hosts with a budget!



I’m not the biggest fan of traditional shower games. I don’t enjoy running around with a balloon stuffed under my shirt, or being blindfolded while I try to identify which flavour of pureed baby food has just been crammed into my mouth. This “Guess the Baby’s Due Date” is a fun ice breaker and a great activity for guests as you wait for everyone to arrive.


Of course we did play a couple shower games (Think: “How Big is Mommy’s Belly” and “Whose Features does Mommy Want Baby to Have?”) And what’s a shower game without a prize for the winner?

Remember: Prizes don’t have to be expensive – a little attention to detail goes a long way!


Snacks are a great way to continue to tie in your shower’s theme. Sugar cookies were the perfect way to once more bring out the “onesie” motif as well as a few other classic baby shapes. And these blue and white marbled cupcakes were a huge success!





A simple and beautiful shower for a beautiful mom-to-be.





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  1. Stacy stevens
    Stacy stevens says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful diaper cake!! Can you please provide me basic steps? How many diapers were used/what size? Is there anything to secure the layers together? Having a shower this Saturday for my sweet sister in law and would love to present this to/for her!! Thanks so much for any help you can pass my way!!

    • Liz Mannegren
      Liz Mannegren says:

      Thanks Stacy! I used Pampers size 1 diapers (probably 60-70 of them in this cake but it will vary depending on how large you make the layers.) Rather than rolling all of the diapers individually, I used the cake-pan method. (This link is probably the simplest way to describe how to create each layer – Once I used this method to create the “base” of each layer, I rolled a few diapers individually using tape or string and placed them around the bottom and third layer. (I like having a slightly different look for each layer.) I kept the four layers stacked together by wedging a couple chopsticks in the middle. And then the rest is just finishing touches! Hope this helps! Congrats to your sister-in-law. 🙂

  2. Stacy stevens
    Stacy stevens says:

    So sorry to trouble you! Could you email me the steps to make your diaper cake?! Super excited to create it but need to purchase items! THANK YOU


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