Somedays we all need a little encouragement. And these 9 motherhood memes will give you all the feels! Packed with inspiration and love for the busy mama, they are too sweet not to share. Because this season may be physically draining… but our hearts? They’ve never been fuller.

They just see you! On the days when we feel like we’re frazzled and falling apart, remember that they don’t see a “certain brand of mom.” They don’t see unwashed dishes, messy hair, or a cluttered house. They don’t see frozen pizza dinners, a certain amount of screen time, or the hundred other little ways you feel you’ve failed them today. They just see YOU.

When the kids are melting down, I try to remind myself — I get grumpy when I’m hungry too. I feel frustrated when things don’t go my way. I get overwhelmed when things seem big, too. We’re all learning. And we ALL need a little patience, a listening ear, and a whole lot of grace.

It’s not always easy. This is a season of tender sacrifices and fierce love, of midnight prayers and restless nights. But this is also a season we will look back upon and cherish for the rest of our lives.

Because there’s no joy quite like that of being called mama.

It’s the little hands wrapped tightly around your finger. Or the first-of-the-morning smiles that greet you with the sunrise. It’s the kitchen dance parties, packed lunches, crayon drawings, and inside jokes. It’s the tears wiped over broken bones and broken hearts. The lessons learned, and forgotten, and learned again. It’s the pride of watching them make new friends. Offer a helping hand. Or score a goal. It’s the heart and home brimming with love. It’s the joy of being called mama.

The most important thing we can teach our kids is to love God and to love the people He’s made. When we do that, all the other lessons start to fall in place too.

To a mama’s heart, each and every smile is precious. But those “first of the morning” smiles? The way their faces light up when they lay eyes on you after a long night’s sleep? Those are pure magic.

When we see motherhood as missional it means that even the mundane finds meaning.

The days are long and tiring. But every diaper we change and lunch we make, every discipline given and scraped knee kissed is suddenly transformed into something more. Each day is weighted with eternal purpose. The mundane becomes joy in Him.

And as she looked around that little home, she knew she didn’t want the big, the flashy, or the shiny. Because everything she ever needed was already there.

Because it doesn’t matter how exhausted I am or how tough this day has been. Every night, when I tiptoe into your room to check on your pillow-tussled hair and your softly snoring frame, I can’t help but think, how blessed I am that God gave me you.

**These 9 motherhood memes first appeared on the MommyMannegren Facebook page! Follow along for more conversations like this!**

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