We all have expectations for motherhood. Most of us, at some point or another, have carefully crafted plans for what our motherhood will look like, how it will come about, or who our family will be. And then, inevitably, we encounter situations that test and challenge those ideas. We’re forced to re-evaluate or else flounder under unrealistic goals.

I was super excited to receive an early copy of Jamie Sumner’s book, “Unbound” as she addresses the reality of motherhood and the struggle it can take to get there. Dealing with issues like infertility, miscarriage, difficult pregnancies, and special needs parenting, this book details some of Jamie’s own difficult journey while weaving in stories and highlights from women of the Bible. This book is beautiful and challenging, written with hope, honesty, and truth — and I was so encouraged by Jamie’s story.

Unbound Review + Giveaway

From the publisher:
“With honesty and vulnerability, Sumner walks readers through each chapter of her own journey to motherhood through infertility and special needs parenting. She pairs her story with those of women in the Bible, offering readers comfort, hope, and companionship rooted in biblical truths.”

Picking up Unbound before bed the other night (with the intention of “just reading a chapter or two”) I couldn’t put this book down. It is so beautiful. Jamie writes with honesty and courage as she shares some of her heaviest burdens on the journey towards motherhood. Her wit and humour lights up across the book while simultaneously dealing with heavy, highly-personal subject matter.

As someone who has never struggled with infertility, this book was informative and challenging — while still speaking to issues and unrealistic ideals that have cropped up within my own motherhood journey.

Unbound by Jamie Sumner

For those struggling with infertility, miscarriage, difficult pregnancies, or special needs parenting, I highly recommend reading through Jamie’s story. But no matter where you are in this parenting journey, no matter what struggles you’ve personally encountered, Jamie’s story is one that we can all relate to. “Unbound” reminds us of the joy that can be found when we set our best-laid plans down in exchange for God’s. Motherhood may look different that we’d first dreamed, but it can be infinitely more beautiful when we finally realize that our plan is not necessarily His, and that’s okay.

To celebrate this book’s upcoming launch date (April 10th, 2018), I will also be offering a copy of the book to ONE special reader as a free GIVEAWAY! If you’d like to enter this contest, click the “enter here” button below (will take you to a rafflecopter giveaway page) and make sure to follow along on MommyMannegren to see if you’re the winner!

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THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Congrats to Sandra M. for winning a copy of Unbound! Thank-you to everyone who entered! And be sure to stay tuned for future contests. 🙂


**As part of Jamie’s book launch team, I received my copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

Unbound Review and Giveaway

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