I’m always skeptical of women who say their pregnancy “just flew by.

For me, each trimester is a slow plod forward. The passage of time stutters and hesitates, marked by weekly checks to see “what size of vegetable the baby is today.” I wait for the bump to grow noticeable, for the flutters to erupt into kicks. I fight down the fears: the wait for the bleeding to begin, the wait for the instant everything goes wrong. I mark the milestones as impatience abounds. 

I remind myself to soak in the slow. Waiting is a gift too.

But this time around, things have been different. Life is busy. The days pass in a blur of school drop-offs and lunches made, of nap times and groceries, of walks to the library and full schedules. With two other little ones to keep up with, pregnancy happens quick.

And so, I’m almost startled to find myself past the halfway point.

Now, I have to actively remind myself to search for the slow.  To pause. Stop and cherish. Because now, I am the mother who says it’s “flying by.”

At the ultrasound appointment, a few weeks back, the technician looked over and asked if we’d like to know the baby’s gender. For us, this is an extra gift to bond. A chance to call our child by name. To love them, no matter what, as they are — an incredible gift. Placing my hands on a rounding belly, I thank God for life.

Another miracle.

A story that feels a little more complete.

And so, it is with great delight, that we announce…


We are expecting another little boy!

Praise God. He is good. And my heart is full.

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  1. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    I remember reading your popcorn cake post back in 2017 when I was going through what seemed like a never ending miscarriage – it was my second in a row and took more than six months to heal. Today I’m snuggling my baby girl and my two year old boy! I saw another popcorn cake recipe on Pinterest and felt like I had to find out how things worked out for you. I’m so happy to read this. Congratulations on your sweet little guy ???

    • Liz Mannegren
      Liz Mannegren says:

      Aw, I love that popcorn connection so much! Thank you! Our little man arrived the end of May and our hands and hearts feel so wonderfully full. It’s so very good to hear of your new little one too — many congratulations to you!!


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