“The danger hasn’t passed — it’s just changed locations.”

This new novel from Davis Bunn, “Outbreak” promises page-turning adventure as characters seek to find answers to a deadly viral outbreak. As someone who enjoys a good action book every once in a while, I was immediately hooked by the plot and eager to dive in.

Outbreak by Davis Bunn Book Review (2)

From the publisher:
Something sinister is happening in the waters off the coast of West Africa, trailing death in its wake. Local insurgencies are no longer the only imminent danger–and the panic mounts. But before a global alarm can be sounded, the sea currents shift, and the outbreak evaporates. Coastal populations are relieved when life returns to normal, and the region’s governments are all too happy to sweep the publicity nightmare under the rug.

Theo Bishop and Avery Madison saw the devastation with their own eyes, and they know the danger hasn’t passed–it’s just changed locations. But everywhere they turn, powerful interests are determined to silence all credible evidence of the impending biological disaster–by any means necessary. They will have to stay out of the crosshairs long enough to convince the powers that be of the toxic destruction about to be unleashed on American soil. . . .”

Outbreak by Davis Bunn Book Review

My Thoughts:
This book started out really strong for me. I loved the premise behind this story: an outbreak so deadly that it leaves zero survivors in its wake. The mystery behind the evolution of this disease was really interesting but, as a reader, it was difficult to invest in the characters. Halfway through, the book seemed to slow significantly and ultimately, I found the actual conspiracy plot confusing.

This book is written in the typical style for “adventure novels” which set it up for an easy read full of action. I didn’t enjoy the romantic storyline as it evolved way too quickly for my liking (but then again, that’s par for the course with Christian fiction, and apparently I’m a bit of an odd duck out on that opinion.)

One of the things I thought was really neat about this book (and haven’t seen before) was the way they set up the chapter headings. Reading chapter one, I thought there was a glitch with the printer — a little blob of ink at the far side of the page. But with every passing chapter, that cloud spreads farther and farther across the page. It was a very interesting interpretation of the book and I loved that little detail.

I think this book is a great option for those who love action novels but don’t want the high intensity / graphic nature of a lot of books currently on the market. While the ending wasn’t entirely satisfactory, it was open-ended enough that if there was a sequel, I’d probably pick it up to see what happens.

Overall, I leave this book with 3 stars out of 5.


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Outbreak by Davis Bunn

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