When my first shipment of Caribou & Sage items arrived, I couldn’t get over how thick and luxurious the fabric felt. Soft and stretchy and so well made, it was nothing like the cheap t-shirts and flimsy fabrics I find at the store. This was my first foray into the world of handmade clothes and Caribou & Sage does it just so well. **

Caribou & Sage is a Canadian company based out of Alberta, Canada and run by my friend, Jesslyn. Not only does she create kids clothes, she’s also a mom to a busy two-year-old and pilot for a charter company!

Since she uses gorgeous fabrics from small Canadian retailers, you know that you’re truly supporting local Canadian business with these pieces. In addition to her regular offerings, she also creates a wide variety of custom options, resulting in beautifully made, one of a kind items. You won’t see other kids running around the playground in these!


This adorable outfit is a “grow with me” pants and hoodie. With foldable sleeves, legs, and waistband, this one fits babies from 3 months to 1 year! (Jesslyn has “grow with me” options for kids up to six years!) With little ones regularly growing out of their wardrobes every 3 months, these longer-lasting pieces are definitely worth the investment.


I also fell in love with my matching nursing hoodie. With zippers on the front for easy access and a privacy panel underneath, there’s no problem wearing this sweater out and about while breastfeeding. This even came with a fun double hood option.

Plus, I mean, does it get any cuter than matching mom and me outfits?


Another one of my favourite Caribou & Sage pieces is this adorable Coastal Cub hat. Crocheted and offered in multiple colours, they are comfy and warm for those late fall days. They also get a lot of attention from those around us. People see us coming and can’t help but smile.

AND04581(Dinosaur Hoodie in 5T — a family favourite)

AND04638(A customized “rainbow baby” dress and nursing hoodie.)

I love Caribou & Sage‘s selections and fabric options. The outfits are cute, easy to wear, and extremely durable. These quality pieces are designed for long-lasting wear. And, with kids sizes ranging from newborn and up they’re sure to be go-to favourites for everyone.

This is one business that I definitely recommend!

Follow along with Caribou & Sage on Facebook to order pieces like these for yourself!


**Outfits were received from Caribou & Sage in exchange for brand rep photos. Opinions, thoughts, and reviews expressed in this post, however, are entirely my own.**



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