If you’ve been following our story (or have read the last few blog posts), you’ll know that July is a bit of an emotionally charged month for us. This year, we are celebrating Alistair’s third birthday, Landon’s three years in heaven, Kära’s one year in heaven, and Björn’s would-be due date. It’s a lot of loss for one month, but it’s also a whole lot of love.

And so, to remember and celebrate our four, beautiful, July babies, I am hosting my very first GIVEAWAY! 

Just over a year ago, I came across an Etsy site, Rachelle-isms, that featured gorgeous, handcrafted jewelry made specifically for loss moms. While there was an array of personalized options to chose from, I immediately fell in love with Rachelle-isms’ nest necklace and knew that I wanted to share one with you.


These stunning nests are made out of delicate, silver wire, and blue and white beads. Marbled turquoise beads represent children that are living, while the white beads represent a miscarriage or loss. These necklaces are fully customizable and can fit as many or as few “eggs” as needed. Best of all, this piece is perfect for both mothers who have experienced loss and for mamas who haven’t.

The other thing I love about this necklace is the idea of “wearing your story.” Whenever my son looks at the necklace, he points to the blue bead and says, “Mommy, that’s me! And that’s Landon, and Kära, and Björn, and Ebba!”

This necklace invites questions and allows the opportunity to share about all our babies – those seen and unseen. You may see me as the mom of one, but there are five babies held close to my heart; and this nest is a beautiful representation of that family.


Our families don’t always look the way we expected them too; but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still cherish and celebrate the beauty that God has given us. So to celebrate the gift of family, this giveaway is open to all my mama friends out there.** (You don’t have to have experienced a loss to enter.)

One winner will receive a special, customized nest necklace with sparrow created by Rachelle-isms. The winner will be drawn and announced on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, so be sure to enter below and follow along on social media!


Click the button below to enter the giveaway (entry options will open in a new tab):

Enter Here - MM - YES

*To all my international readers, please note that this giveaway is for Canadian and American residents only.

**And for those who are struggling with infertility, I haven’t forgotten about you! I invite you to enter too – just make a note in the “Answer a Question” part of the giveaway entry.

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  1. Emily
    Emily says:

    Excited about the opportunity to win this necklace. I’m a momma to five, one in heaven. Like you, we also experienced the loss of a twin. Thank you for writing this blog and being so real, and honest. You’ve helped me to keep perspective during those times when our loss felt so raw, and lonely. God Bless.

    • Liz Mannegren
      Liz Mannegren says:

      Thank you Emily, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your twin. I know that this type of grief can definitely feel so isolating, but it’s been such a blessing to be able to connect with other loss mamas who are walking similar journeys. Feel free to message me any time if you need to chat!


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