Christmas is the only time of year that my house gets decorated from floorboards to ceiling lights; the hours spent hanging lights and tinsel are well worth it. There’s just something about Christmas decorations that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside (perhaps partially due to the amount of glitter that I end up inhaling off of dollarstore tree ornaments?)

But with shiny tinsel on the tree, faux-fir branches scattered around the house, and cranberry scented candles shimmering on the table, there’s one prime decorating area that often gets overlooked – the walls!

So if you’re looking for a bit more holiday cheer, here are SIX quick ideas for your Christmas wall decor this season:

1. Wrap Your Pictures:
Have some spare Christmas wrapping paper? Use it to Christmas-ify your framed wall pictures! This is a fun and easy way to add some holiday fun to your walls. Add some ribbons, holly, or ornaments on top for a bit of extra Christmas-oompf. (It’s also a great conversation piece for when you have guests over.)


2. Santa Hats and Elf Booties:
My son’s bedroom is full of artwork by the ultra-talented Jori VanderLinde (seriously! Go check out her work!) At Christmas time, I enjoy getting these little creatures into the holiday mood by adorning them in tiny Santa hats and little elf shoes created out of construction paper. It’s an adorable and hilarious way to decorate. It adds a little something extra to your regular wall artwork and the kids will love it!

Have scenery or abstract pictures on your walls? Try adding a tiny Santa Sleigh in the sky, a miniature decorated Christmas tree, or a manger scene. The possibilities are endless!


(But seriously, aren’t these little guys too cute? Check out Jori’s site for more incredible artwork, greeting cards, and journals. They’re perfect for Christmas gifts!)

3. Snowflakes:
Add an arctic blast to your room with these awesome 3D snowflakes! They take a bit of time to cut and tape together but the effect is well worth it. The smaller snowflakes also make great gift-toppers.

You can find the templates for these fun, larger-than-life snowflakes at


4. Christmas Inspired Artwork:
Swap out some of your regular artwork for a few Christmas themed pieces. (All the better if these pieces just so happen to have been made by a tiny-human with adorably small feet.) If you’re not into making them yourself, check out some local craft fairs for new pieces!


5. Indoor Lights:
Who said that Christmas lights had to stay outside? Apartment living is all about the indoor lights (and the THREE trips that you have to make to the store to get the right ones…) Throwing up a few strands of lights is a great way to add to your home’s “cozy factor.” After all, here’s nothing like sipping a coke and eggnog while snuggled up under the warm glow of twinkling Christmas lights.


6. Homemade Bunting:
There’s nothing I dislike more than an empty wall amidst my Christmas decorations. Creating a Christmas bunting is the perfect way to fill up large empty spaces. If you’re not up for making one yourself, you’ll find tons available for purchase (or inspiration) online or at your local Christmas craft fairs.


Have you finished decorating yet? Any other wall decor ideas to add to this list?

Happy Decorating!






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