One of my very talented blogger friends, Stefanie Tong, has recently published her new book: Chasing Light, a beautiful and raw look at life after pregnancy loss.

Centered around her two miscarriages and her subsequent grief and depression, Stefanie writes about both the challenges and the search for hope and wholeness following the death of a child.

Reading through this book, I was constantly struck by Stefanie’s incredible honesty and willingness to embrace and explore her grief. She is not afraid to be vulnerable and peal back the intricate layers surrounding loss. Touching on her husband’s grief, as well as conversations that they had with their three-year-old daughter, I appreciated this book’s accurate reflection of how grief and loss affects the entire family.


Hearing Stefanie’s story is to be reminded of the hope we have for future days. This battle is one that we fight body, mind, and spirit; every day we put on our armor and chase light.

While this book is a quick read, it’s definitely not an “easy” read. Encouraging for those who have gone through similar heartbreak and educational for those who haven’t, this memoir helps break taboos surrounding pregnancy loss by facilitating open and heartfelt discussion. Stefanie’s memoir walks alongside grieving families by showing us that we’re not alone in our anguish — this is a pain that is felt by too many families across our country and around the globe.

A few weeks ago, I had the privileged of meeting and speaking alongside Stefanie Tong at a Pregnancy and Infant Loss event. Having known her for several months now, I have been constantly inspired by her desire to partner alongside women who have experienced loss, and her passion for facilitating honest and open discussion about these difficult subjects.

For anyone interested in more information on what life after pregnancy loss actually looks like, or for those looking for support throughout your own grieving process, I would definitely recommend checking out Stefanie’s book, Chasing Light.


To buy this book, order it online on Stefanie’s website.
(Also available for purchase on, or

Visit Stefanie’s Blog – for more beautiful blog posts on miscarriage, postpartum depression, and life after loss.



Chasing Light Book Review

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