To my sweet, little man; my sunshine, my Alistair,

Today you turn two. Just the thought of it evokes all the imaginable cliches about babies growing up too quickly. Because although you still refer to yourself in third person, “baby” has now graduated to “big boy.”

This was a big year for you: learning to walk, beginning to talk. You’re getting bolder as you maneuver the equipment at the playground. You dance and run, tiptoe and sing. If there was a toddler edition of “So You Think You Can Dance,” you would win hands down.

You love Thomas the train, big trucks, and every other imaginable type of transportation. You love french fries but hate potatoes. You spend hours playing with rocks and sticks by the pond but can’t stand the thought of dirty hands. You love making friends at the park and have such a sweet, gentle heart.

In the past twelve months, you’ve gained 6 pounds and grown an extra 15 teeth. You’ve fractured your skull, split your lip, and had who knows how many other bumps and tumbles. You are strong and your smile always lights up the room.

You are my ray of sunshine on the cloudy days, my little man. You can be oh-so-serious, but mostly just adventurous and curious, hilarious and gentle. I love your huge, toothy grin and your infectious giggle.

I am so thankful for the privilege of  getting to watch over you, love you, and care for you. I love being your mom. I love you.

Appee Soosee, Alistair. Appee Soosee!!!*



*Although Alistair was previously able to say “Happy Birthday,” he has since decided to change the words to “Appee Soosee” instead. It’s much cooler that way. 

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