This year, my Christmas decorations started going up mid-November – way earlier than they ever have before. With our newly renovated apartment, I wanted to make the place look really festive. We were going to do more than just a plastic tree and string of lights. This year we were going to go big! (So big in fact that I had to take down a wall of decorations as Andreas and I felt that Christmas had thrown up all over our apartment. Okay… not that big…)

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I’ve been seeing Pinterest photos of coloured ornaments dangling in a line, tied to a curtain rod. I enjoyed the simplicity of this idea and envisioned a mass of gold and silver, cascading down over my dining room table, glinting and glittering under the lights.

Enter Christmas project numero uno.

I took a trip down the street to our neighbourhood dollar store and picked up over 50 sparkly ornaments of varying sizes. I chose ones of really simple design and solid colours. The ornaments smelled cheap (an unappealing gluey, plastic smell) and got sparkles everywhere (“HONEY, WHY IS THE BABY COVERED IN GLITTER??”) but in the end they still sparkle the same as more expensive options, minus a huge price tag.

OrnamentsInstead of using silver ribbon, I wanted to make it appear as if the decorations were suspended in mid air. I ended up using 15 metres of a clear, stretchy, beading string. All in all, this project only cost me $10 (making for a happy hubby).

I decided to string the ornaments over my dining room table. My goal was for them to appear to be falling randomly and had to move strings around until I achieved the look I was going for. To avoid pushing thumbtacks into the ceiling, I hung the ornaments from gold ribbon that I tied between our ugly, track lights. I later covered this part up with tinsel.

Regardless of the number of “creative” jokes my husband has managed to come up with (he thought this post should be titled “Balls to the Wall”) I’m happy with the way this project turned out! Definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon of decorating!

(Note: Three weeks later and I’m STILL finding sparkles in the baby’s hair!!!)



DIY Floating Christmas Ornaments

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