Doesn’t this title just say it all?

As a bookworm… (or should I say, book addict?)… even the cover of this book just gives me a little thrill of delight. Books, books, books, everywhere!

**Happy sigh to find someone who just SO gets me.**

From the author of the popular blog, Modern Mrs Darcy, this book is filled with dreamy quotes and personal-essays for the most obsessive of readers. Each page explodes with warmth and charm and the kind of secret joy that can only be found when ink meets paper.

I'd Rather Be Reading -- Anne Bogel

This isn’t the type of book that I normally store in my own bookshelf but it was brilliant in its own way. I have yet to read a book that so accurately captures my love of reading. A quick read but 100% relatable, Anne Bogel does a wonderful job of reminding you of the power and passion that comes with a good book. Her collection of mini-essays are both funny and cozy and entirely accurate. (And it left me experiencing some serious book envy of the years she spent living next door to the library — um, can anyone say, dream home?)

I'd Rather Be Reading

And, if I ever need a quote about books, this is my new go-to spot. There are just so many goodies in here! Here are a couple of my favourites:

  • “Keep confessing to your fellow readers; tell them what your reading life is really like. They’ll understand. They may even say ‘You too?’ And when they do, you’ve found a friend. And the beginnings of a great book club.” (Page 24)
  • “Some of my best ideas are born of envy. Not the green-with-it sort, but the brand with which many readers are familiar: book envy.” (Page 46.)
  • “I have hopes and dreams for my kids, as parents do… I also, specifically, hope that one day — when they’re old enough to choose for themselves, apart from me — they’ll discover that they too are book people.” (Pg.129-130)

I'd Rather Be Reading: Book Review

So for those who simply love the art of reading itself, I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. And to close, I will leave you with some of Anne’s bookishly wonderful words of wisdom:

“1. For beautifully styled bookshelves, follow this decorators’ rule of thumb: each bookshelf should hold one-third books, one-third accessories, and one-third empty space.

2. You’re a book lover; you don’t have enough shelves to begin with. Ignore the decorators.”
(I’d Rather Be Reading, page 56)



“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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