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The Happy Crab by Layla and Kevin Palmer

Want to know the favorite book around our house lately? The Happy Crab by Layla and Kevin Palmer. I was gifted a copy earlier this week, and I can’t even tell you how many times my kids have read it. The three-year-old already has it memorized and I’ve caught her “reading” it to both her younger brother and to all her dolls.

So, I am super excited to share that I’ve teamed up with Graf-Martin Communications to share a GIVEAWAY copy of this new children’s book! (Keep reading for how to enter!)

About The Happy Crab:

(From the publisher) Happy is an adventurous little crab whose world is suddenly turned upside down (literally!) when a mama and her son find his large, unbroken shell on the beach. When they discover the crab is still living inside his perfect home, the boy is faced with a decision: Keep him or let him go. This delightful tale, based on a true story, reminds us how important it is to put others’ needs ahead of our own.

The Happy Crab -- Family reads a picture book together

Things my family loves about this book:

  • The illustrations are super cute! Even the one-year-old loves pointing out the hats on the sea animals and the crab riding on a whale.
  • I love that this story features an adoptive family.
  • It has a sweet message about compassion and caring for others.
  • It’s based on a true story!

There are some really beautiful messages within this story about loving and caring for others. It’s a sweet and joyful book about the value of others, and placing them before ourselves. Seeing that it’s based on a true story is encouraging for us adult-readers too. As parents, we are gifted so many opportunities throughout the day to share long-lasting lessons with our children. (Like finding a crab in a shell and returning him to his home!) Sometimes it’s the little moments that teach us all so much!

While I would have loved one extra page to really cement some of those lessons, the kids picked up on the themes regardless.

This is one book that the kids “happily” continue to pull off the shelf.


We’ve partnered with Graf-Martin Communications to give away a copy of THE HAPPY CRAB! (This would be a great gift to grab as a Christmas gift for a friend or little family member.) Giveaway ends Saturday, November 20th at midnight PST. **Open to Canadian and US residents only.**

Want an extra chance to win The Happy Crab? Head over to — we’re hosting a second giveaway there too!

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