“God is calling His warrior women to invest their lives in something that is bigger than themselves: the kingdom of God. These kinds of women give their lives to relentless prayer.”
– Sheila Walsh, “Praying Women”

If we’re honest, we’ve all had times in our lives where prayer has been a struggle. We may find ourselves in seemingly impossible situations, wondering if God actually hears us. Can He truly fix this? Why hasn’t He answered? Or perhaps, we enter into prayer time with the best intentions but immediately find ourselves daydreaming or drifting off to sleep. We equate prayer time with a chore, a box to check.

When it comes to prayer, we all come to the table with baggage and history. With wounds and scars. Thankfully, prayer isn’t about perfect people. It’s not about knowing the right words or being doubt-free.

It’s about our hearts. It’s about step-by-step transformation. It’s about trust, even in the silence. It’s about coming and laying it all before Him. 

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In her book, Praying Women, Sheila Walsh shares practical advice directly from God’s word, showing us how to:

  • know what to say when you pray
  • understand how to use prayer as a weapon when you are in the midst of a struggle
  • pray as joy-filled warriors, not anxious worriers
  • let go of the past and stand on God’s promises for you now

Writing from the heart, Walsh shares personal stories that testify to the beauty of prayer and the honest struggles we all find ourselves facing. Grounded in scripture, this book addresses ten, key areas that define a “praying woman,” and reminds us that there is nothing too big or too little to bring before God.

_Praying women pray through their heartache until it becomes their authority._

Praying Women is beautifully written. Each chapter flows with practical encouragement for revitalizing your prayer life, and invites you to look at the power and purpose of prayer. No matter where we are in our faith walk, we all need reminders to re-focus on God and draw nearer — to put on our armour, enter into battle, and rest assured in the authority of Christ.

While these truths about prayer are not just for praying “women,” I love how the author specifically targets the lies that many of us women and mothers face on a daily basis. She writes as one would to a friend, and encourages us to enter into the promises and relationship offered us as daughters of the King.

I recommend this book to any woman looking to start (or re-start) her prayer life.

5 stars.


“Praying women don’t depend on their own strength but on the power of God’s Word.” 
-Sheila Walsh, “Praying Women”


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and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.**

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