I can’t remember the last time I got a manicure.

The days of sitting in a comfy spa chair for an hour and emerging with perfectly painted and dried nails  is just a luxury I just don’t have time for anymore. I can no longer justify spending $60 on nails that last a week. And while I may paint my toes myself, I never do my fingers anymore. My hands always end up looking like I murdered some sort of purple cat, and what paint does land on my nails starts chipping within two days.

So when my sister bought me a set of Jamberry Nail Wraps for Christmas last year, I was eager to try them.

JamberryWrapsMost likely you’ve seen advertisements for them floating around your Facebook, or have consultant friends selling them. Jamberry is a social based business sold online by consultants world wide, and says that it offers “on-trend, beauty indulgences that celebrate self-expression.” While they offer a variety of nail lacquers, gels, and hand and foot care, most of the hype I have seen has been featured around their nail wraps.

These vinyl wraps come in a huge variety of colour and styles. They adhere to your nail by use of pressure and heat and Jamberry’s website claims that they can last up to two weeks on fingernails.

All of that, quite frankly, sounded amazing. But would they live up to the expectations of a busy mom out to save a bit of time and money? This is what I wanted to find out.


The things I like about Jamberry Wraps:

The wraps arrive in varying width to fit different sized nails and can be easily trimmed to fit the shape of your nails. Each sheet comes with enough wraps that I was able to get two full manicures out of it. At a price of $19.00 CAD, this works out to be substantially more cost effective than getting my nails done at a spa.

I also love the wide variety of designs and patterns that the wraps come in. They’re beautiful and unique and seemingly endless. While I like my nails to be all the same pattern, there are so many wraps that pair well together and it’s easy to give yourself a mixed mani or accent nails.


Things to note about the wraps:

There is quite a bit of a learning curve when applying these wraps. It can be tricky to pick the right size of wrap for each nail and may be a challenge at first to align it properly. (I did, however, find this helpful YouTube video that shows how to use tape to properly size the wraps.) Also, if you’re planning on putting them on ten minutes before you head out the door for date night, you might want to rethink that a bit. Today was my fourth time using a wrap and it still took me about an hour to put them on.

I’m also not a fan of how the wraps tend to pucker and bubble along the edges. (Which I’ll admit, is mostly user error.) While this is definitely something that has improved for me with practice, I still struggle with getting a “perfect” fit. Try as I might, they just don’t like to lie flat against my nail. (If you look a the thumbnail of the picture below, you can see what I mean.)

These wrinkles are definitely contributing factors into why these wraps don’t last anywhere near two-weeks on my nails. The first two times I used the wraps on my fingernails, they lasted 5 days before I ended up removing them due to peeling edges. The third time, I used the above mentioned tape method and managed to size them properly — they lasted ten days.

JamberryNailsStill, the duration that these wraps last is easily comparable to (and has exceeded) the length of time my nails will go before chipping when done professionally at a salon. Given the better cost and broader variety of patterns, I feel this is a good option for beautiful looking nails on a smaller budget. And despite the struggle I have to put them on properly, the compliments I get while wearing them make up for it.

Lastly, make sure that you follow their removal instructions. This is where I’m a bit iffy on the wraps. Last time (even after following the instructions) I noticed that my nails were more fragile after removing the wraps but it was obviously not enough to deter me from trying again. Everyone’s nails are different, but this is something I will keep my eye on after future use.

So, in conclusion: 

I think that Jamberry Nails are a good option for those of us who want individual looking nails without having to pay salon prices. I’m not sure that they’re a good time-saver (at least not for me) but they are nice for special occasions or days when you just want to pamper yourself. They look beautiful, and they’re mostly just a lot of fun.

Overall, I’d give them a 4 out of 5 stars and would definitely order again.



*This post is not sponsored. It’s simply an honest review of a product I’ve been enjoying.*

P.S. If you’re looking for a consultant, check out my super awesome friend, Sandra!

Jamberry Nail Wraps

Have you tried Jamberry wraps? Let me know in the comments what you think of them!

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