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The Hands and Feet of A Mother

Look at a mother’s hands.

They may not look like much. Hands that were once manicured and polished, are now speckled with colored markers and non-toxic paint. The chips in her nails arrive courtesy of countless Lego stacks pried apart and Paw Patrol stickers scratched off walls. Her hands have seen more loads of laundry than ever thought possible. And her palms have pushed swings and carried coats and gripped stroller handles until they were calloused.

But her hands? Oh, her hands. They are evidence of such deep love.

These are the hands that quarter grapes and mix cookie batter. Fingers that scoop bits of strawberry jelly off the couch from yesterday’s lunch, and wipe smudges of dessert off satisfied cheeks. Hands that have carefully soaped backs, knees, and thunderous thigh rolls into a foamy lather. Hands that smell like baby shampoo and massage sleepy limbs with calming, lavender scent.

Look at a mother’s feet.

These are the feet that travel the distance, no matter how far. They tiptoe across moonlit nights into the early dawn, swaying to the beat of a sleeping child’s breath. These feet dance and tap to the rhythm of motherhood — they push grocery carts through the aisles of Walmart and kick soccer balls on fields. They are strong and steady, carrying toddlers and keeping the peace. They’re feet that pace anxiously as children grow — and as they fall. Feet that show kids how to stand back up again. And feet that model the path to walk.

These hands and feet have physically changed with motherhood — they’ve swollen and spread alongside a blooming belly. Aching and sore they’re proof of life and hope carried within.

And while a mother may hold her love inside, it’s her hands and feet that carry it out.

Her hands share everyday acts of service. Her feet bring gifts of sacrifice and time.

So, mama, the next time you’re worn and frazzled at the end of a busy day, remember all that these aching hands and feet have seen and done. They’ve carried dirty laundry and baskets of toys — but they’ve also carried so much more. And as you prop your weary feet up on a pillow, never forget that those sock-clad toes are carrying a lifetime of love.

Because the hands and feet of a mother? They reveal her heart.

**A version of this post originally appeared on the MommyMannegren Facebook page. Post contains affiliate links.**

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