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Because He’s Dad

He sat beside you as you waited for the doctor to confirm the results — that little plus sign ready to change his world forever.

He held your hand through the first ultrasound as you nervously waited to hear that first heartbeat.

He went out for late night ice-cream runs, laughing with you about the pregnancy cravings and offering sweet reassurances that even with your expanding waistline and swollen ankles, you’d never looked more beautiful.

He drove too fast to the hospital, glancing over at you nervously with each contraction. He massaged your back and brought you ice chips, allowing you to squeeze his hand numb with each burst of pain.

He held that sweet babe, wrapped up tight in a little white hospital blanket, and his face transformed from a man to a dad. He is aglow with pride and nerves and has never been more in love. He traces their little cheek with the palm of his hand and vows to be their protector now and forever.

He was there from the very beginning and he’s showed up each and every day since.

He’s changed diapers and read countless bedtime stories.

He’s wrestled and tickled and taught them how to ride a bike, how to throw a ball, and how to fall down and get back up again.

He’s measured out his share of discipline but he’s done it with love and respect — teaching and showing these growing children how to share love and respect of their own.

He’s not perfect but there’s no doubting his love.

There’s no doubting that his family comes first. That he does everything he does to provide and protect.

Sometimes he’s tired from a long day at work, too tired to play but he does so anyway.

He models faith in times of hardship — teaching generosity, perseverance, and trust in God.

He shows up for hockey games and school plays and spends his evenings helping the kids practice kicking goals and solving math homework.

He offers up a prayer as the teens ask to borrow the car, and silently hands them the keys.

If his kids need help, he’s there. No matter what.

He shows up.

Every day.

Because he’s Dad.

And that’s a name he wears with pride.


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