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Punjammies: Your next pair of Pyjamas

A couple years ago, while perusing wedding pins on Pinterest, I happened to stumble across a picture of some very unique looking pyjamas. These pants were more than just the stack of generic nightwear tucked away in my closet. The colours were splashed across the fabric in a dazzling, eye catching pattern; they were ornately trimmed and looked beyond comfy. They were also way bolder than anything I would normally wear – even as pyjama pants. But there was just something about them and as I peered closer, the description caught my eye.

“PUNJAMMIES™ are loungewear bottoms made with hope by women in India who have escaped human trafficking. Whenever you purchase PUNJAMMIES™, you invest in the freedom and dignity of these women and girls who are working to forge a new life for themselves and their children.”

I was immediately intrigued and after doing a bit of research, I hopped online and ordered a pair for myself and each of my four bridesmaids. This was the perfect gift: five pairs of jammies, each as unique as the girl wearing them.

These pants are super easy to love and quickly became one of my favourite items. The material is soft and comes with an elastic waistband and a wide leg for comfort. I adore the details on these pants – little wooden beads on the drawstring and a gold and red Baranasi border along the hem.

This past month, the brand has undergone a huge makeover and been renamed “Sudara” (it used to be called International Princess Project™). Their new name is inspired by the sanskrit word, “Sundara” meaning beautiful. There’s been a recent flurry of activity as they now have a new website, new products and a new line for kids. (Seriously – matching mommy/daughter jammies? Can it get any cuter?)

But the thing that I love the most about these pants is that each pair has a story. Each hem and stitch tells of a woman who has been given hope. It tells the story of safe employment and of the opportunity to make a better life for one’s family.

Sudara believes in creating safe, sustainable jobs as one way to help women remain free from slavery. Since 2006, they have employed over 300 women in their sewing centers. Women who arrive at these centers are given the opportunity to learn how to sew, are provided with a living wage, and are given housing, medical and education options. They are in a loving community that allows them to re-build their lives and get back on their feet. Sudara is clear that they do not see themselves as “rescuers” for these women – rather they provide opportunities to partner with and empower each woman as she works towards a better life.



I love the vision of this company. Often, we buy into these programs because it gives us warm fuzzies to “help” someone. But when it comes to buying Punjammies we’re not helping these women, we’re investing in them. We’re saying that we support them as they strive to get themselves and their family out of a life of bondage. Buying a pair of pyjama’s isn’t going to end global sex trafficking. But it may, however, impact one woman’s life. It says that we’re standing behind her, that she can do it.

To learn more about Sudara or to check out their Punjammies, visit (For all my Canadian friends, check out Punjammies at to avoid shipping costs from the States.) Trust me, you will not regret picking up a pair of these super cozy, beautifully handmade jammies.

This post is not a sponsored post. I just love this product!

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