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A New Look

In case you’re wondering, yes, this website does look a little different today.

After fighting formatting and layout issues, my desire for organization was crying out for something a little more functional. Settling into this writing routine, I wanted my blog to fit me: a comfy place to catalogue and share my thoughts. It was time for a brighter and more orderly space.

And so, here we are. Same blog, different look. I love how easy it is to navigate this new design without compromising on a clean style. It also helps having a tech savvy, design capable husband who’s willing to donate several hours of his weekend to flip my website.

And thanks to my marvelous husband, MommyMannegren also got a super cute logo. (A professional logo? Uh-oh… Now I feel all sorts of pressure to live up to my hubby’s high expectations for this little blog!) Just kidding. In all seriousness, I love the simplicity and fresh look. Hopefully, this new style will serve as inspiration and motivation for me in my blogging journey!

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